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ABOUT Embassy Row Project

The Embassy Row Project is a philanthropic initiative created by researcher James Scott and rooted in over a decade of advisory to the United States Congress, the federal government, diplomatic missions, IGOs, NGOs, and CSOs in the United States, Europe, and Asia. All of our services are completely free for non-profits and based on a grant and scholarship award system.  

The purpose of this project is to unify synergistically aligned initiatives into a potent movement that offers grant and scholarship awardees a newfound forward momentum. That momentum is applied to upgraded and enhanced organizational architecture that cultivates growth and internationalizes peer and stakeholder connectivity. 

Our Projects



The Emancip8 Project offers a two-pronged approach to combatting human trafficking, supporting and bringing justice to abuse survivors, and supporting initiatives that reintegrate...


Tectonic Labz

All Embassy Row Projects are designed, launched, and managed by Tectonic Labz. With more than 100+ international NGOs, IGOs, Institutes, Think Tanks, and Research Program launches...


ENVIROTECH Pre-Accelerator

Our programs are rooted in almost two decades of international contact cultivation among public and private sector stakeholders, and intergovernmental organizations...

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