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Over a Decade in the Making

ERP strives to unify the next generation of leaders & initiatives that are hyper-focused on instigating positive change on issues that impact the environment, human rights, technological innovation, and international trade collaborations that proliferate diversity, and food security, and dignified employment with a livable wage.

About the Embassy Row Project

The Embassy Row Project's mission is to introduce initiatives that focus on International diplomacy through humanitarian, environmental, technological, and entrepreneurial leadership. We create and manage dozens of international pre-accelerators, NGOs, institutes, and think tanks as part of a philanthropic initiative supported through grants and scholarships exclusively funded by our founder James Scott.


Through NGOs such as the Emancip8 Project, NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator, ENVIROTECH Pre-Accelerator, Tectonic Labz, and many others, the Embassy Row Project offers a powerful vehicle to disrupt the status quo and introduce real and measurable change in a wide variety of sectors.


ERP provides tech-focused organizations international connectivity to public and private sector stakeholders and decision-makers, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and large-scale infrastructure and commercial projects worldwide.


Through our highly active Emancip8 Project we offer a haven of support for refugees, abuse, and human trafficking survivors through our vast network of 501c3 and NGO aid organizations.


We support synergistically aligned initiatives and startup NGOs through Tectonic Labz. We help organizations apply their passion to next-generation architecture that offers international public and private sector stakeholder connectivity, public education through media collaborations, intergovernmental initiatives, expedited tribe expansion, and more. Tectonic Labz offers NGO, incubator, accelerator, and networking programs that provide a new level of strategy and growth for initiatives seeking expedited international development.


The ERP Pre-Accelerator program feeds into multiple niche pre-accelerators that offer NGOs and startups strategic access programs, media, international government relations, and worldwide project access. EMP’s education, research, and briefing curriculum are liberated from financial access obstacles and freely accessible to download.


Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology (in pre-launch) bridges the gaps as our Nation’s Veterans leave the military and acclimate to America’s competitive tech startup and entrepreneurial space through our various business development, international infrastructure projects, investor outreach, and networking initiatives.


Finally, the Embassy Row Project provides a launchpad where ideologically aligned initiatives and tomorrow's leaders can apply their expertise and capabilities to real-world humanitarian, environmental, social impact, and international diplomacy initiatives that offer maximized reach that reverberates globally.



The geographies we currently cover:


  • United States

  • Europe

  • Southeast Asia

  • MENA

  • Latin America



Grants & Scholarships


The Embassy Row Project utilizes a scholarships and grants program for project selection that allows experts and initiatives access to our growing menu of programs that support and exponentially accelerate their pace and internationally connect their initiative.


Embassy Row Project scholarships are awarded for academic excellence and outstanding research as well as proven subject matter expertise. Grants are awarded to synergistically aligned startups, 501c3s, NGOs, institutes, think tanks, and initiatives that share ERP’s core mission and values and are keen on enhancing their platform and globalizing their connectivity.


Grant & Scholarship Awardees gain access to:

  • International Government Relations

  • Research Incubator that distributes academic whitepapers and advises government stakeholders on their findings

  • International thought leadership program that offers experts direct connectivity to public and private sector stakeholders

  • Targeted media education and outreach

  • Regular events, summits, and briefings for experts to showcase new ideas and research

  • and much more!

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