Where Activism Meets Research

The Emancip8 Project unifies academic researchers and initiatives focused on child soldier reintegration, and combatting of human trafficking, child abuse, and human rights violations. We empower abuse survivors and offer a networking platform with international stakeholder connectivity for activists and researchers who need a voice.

We Serve...

We serve activist organizations and support networks of all sizes with media outreach, press conferences and events, research distribution and stakeholder briefings, survivor connectivity to support groups, and more. The Emancip8 Project’s platform offers synergistically aligned researchers and initiatives access to Embassy Row Project architecture in the following areas:

  • International Government Relations

  • Cyber-forensics to assist law enforcement in cyber-kinetic investigations

  • Legislation-focused advisory for lawmakers

  • Events & Briefings that inform and educate the public

  • Promotion of support networks for abuse survivors, human trafficking victims, and much more.

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Refugee Crisis

Against the backdrop of the Russian attack on Ukraine, we now offer academic support to the Black Sea region organizations that required data and research to qualify for grants and additional resources to assist refugees as part of humanitarian relief campaigns. The Emancip8 Project continues to extend support to organizations in need of a megaphone to inform the public and educate the legislative community on the needs of refugees and the nations in Eastern Europe who are offering shelter and relief.

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