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Most Recent Embassy Row Projects

The Embassy Row Project funds, advises, creates, restructures, and launches Pre-Accelerators, NGOs, Institutes, Think Tanks, Public & Private Sector Collaborations, and Research Projects globally. ERP's philanthropic mission is to cultivate a forum focused on International diplomacy through humanitarian, environmental, technological, and entrepreneurial leadership. With new projects launching regularly, below are a few of our more recent initiatives.

Emancip8 Project

The Emancip8 Project offers a two-pronged approach to combatting human trafficking, supporting and bringing justice to abuse survivors, and supporting initiatives that reintegrate child soldiers liberated from Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations throughout Africa and the Middle East. Our pre-accelerator identifies and supports technology startups that offer bleeding-edge innovations in cyber-kinetic investigations, surveillance and tracking; dark web research, social media monitoring, AI-driven forensic analysis, and more. Through Tectonic Labz we apply collaboration-focused international government relations, intergovernmental working groups, media outreach and education, thought leadership strategies, and much more. We also support IGOs and NGOs with live and virtual press conferences, events, research distribution and stakeholder briefings, and more.


Tectonic Labz

All Embassy Row Projects are designed, launched, and managed by Tectonic Labz. With more than 100+ international NGOs, IGOs, Institutes, Think Tanks, and Research Program launches, Tectonic Labz has perfected various proprietary architectures that offer initiative stakeholders a supremely competitive edge in international government relations, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organization connectivity and collaborations, fellows programs with built-in thought leadership, whitepaper and original research programs with distribution and roundtable advisory strategies, international strategic alliances, and more.


All Tectonic Labz creations receive structuring and launch grants from the Embassy Row Project, and we work with initiative partners to create programs that offer each organization the ability to grow through sponsorships and other philanthropic grants from a wide array of sources.


ENVIROTECH Pre-Accelerator

(a merger of iDecarbonize and the Helios Project)

Our programs are rooted in almost two decades of international contact cultivation among public and private sector stakeholders, intergovernmental organizations and trade bloc leadership, and commercial sector networks. Our small collective of advisors works with international government and commercial stakeholders on creating quiet programs that out-think, outmaneuver, and out-strategize competitive interests in hyper-competitive spaces. We now offer this solution to select startups, accelerators, and incubators with an interest in a synergistically aligned, multi-vector and multinational approach to high impact and explosive growth.


Our programs are designed to triple the distance in a fraction of the time, and in a manner that holds true to the passion, vision, and mission of the accelerators, incubators, and founders we work with. Our plug-and-play architecture runs 24/7 in the background, quietly optimizing each layer of strategy and internationalizing positions, publicizing wins, aligning commercial and initiative-based mutual interests, and creating alliances and partnerships that are built to last.


NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator

The NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that provides a conduit for international stakeholders to collaborate on accelerated net zero and sustainability-focused strategies. Our focus is rooted in carbon markets and environmental commodities education, next-generation energy technology, carbon capture, and storage/utilization, clean tech, and renewable energy solutions and technology. The path to net zero requires a synergistic, multi-vector, and layered approach that harnesses the efficiencies of multiple sustainability and carbon reduction disciplines.


NETZERO is hyper-focused on evangelizing the tools, tactics, and best practices that introduce individuals and corporations to sustainability through carbon reduction. We meet companies at their level and work diligently to assist them in identifying their carbon emissions problem areas and customize a path that accelerates their trajectory to a more environmentally sustainable enterprise.


Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology

VCIT offers a plethora of support strategies for technology-focused veteran-owned companies. Our mission is to utilize our vast international stakeholder network to open doors and create unique commercial and leadership opportunities for American veterans. This initiative helps represent and serve those who served us all in the following ways:

  • Live & Virtual Trade Missions to 50+ Countries

  • Global Expansion and International Business Development

  • Partnership & Joint Venture Opportunities

  • International Government Relations

  • Intergovernmental Summit and Trade Bloc Access

  • Congressional Roundtable Advisory

  • National Press Club briefing Participation and Media Outreach

  • International infrastructure projects and finance access and more!

VCIT awards tiered grants and scholarships to veteran-owned technology companies based on originality, readiness for implementation, government and commercial silo of focus, social impact and environmental sustainability strategy of the company, and other in-house qualification models.


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