The iDecarbonize Project is a venture capital-focused incubator that identifies, promotes, strategically aligns, funds, and launches promising next-generation technologies that combat climate change and contribute to minimizing carbon emissions globally. Select technologies are positioned to pitch and present for private sector trade globalization, investment, IPO, acquisition, and more. Find out more HERE

Tectonic Labz

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Tectonic Labz offers grants, scholarships, and support architecture to startup and established think tanks, institutes, niche-focused associations, and NGOs. Our plug-and-play strategies accelerate organizational expansion and internationalization while simultaneously elevating the level of connectivity to IGO, NGO, and nation-state stakeholders. Find out more HERE

Tectonic Labz

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The Helios Project is a philanthropic initiative and passion project created by Embassy Row Project founder James Scott. With over a decade as a strategic advisor to multiple international governments on critical infrastructure technology, his practice evolved into infrastructure project formation, financing, and facilitation. The Helios Project takes this experience and global access and provides it for free to promising sustainable technology startups that have the ambition to take their solutions directly to government stakeholders, commercial decision-makers, and venture capital and investment networks. Find out more HERE

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The Emancip8 Project unifies academic researchers and initiatives focused on child soldier reintegration, and combatting of human trafficking, child abuse, and human rights violations. We empower abuse survivors and offer a networking platform with international stakeholder connectivity for activists and researchers who need a voice. Find out more HERE



Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology opens doors and promotes initiatives that focus on veterans in the fields of technology and cybersecurity. This forum offers a platform for organizations to promote positions intended for veterans,  veteran-owned technology companies, and 501c3s that elevate and proliferate veteran-centric opportunities in international critical infrastructure cybersecurity and technology. Find out more HERE