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The International Carbon Markets Institute Launches in Washington, D.C.

(Washington, D.C. 1/16/2023) Today, in Washington, D.C. the Embassy Row Project launches its latest carbon reduction project called the International Carbon Markets Institute. “Carbon offsetting creates a powerful gateway for companies to accelerate their path to carbon neutrality and eventually net zero” explains James Scott, founder of the Embassy Row Project. Scott continues, “Through our Quantum Leap Technology Trade Mission series, the We Are Carbon Neutral project, NetZero Incubator & Accelerator, and Envirotech Pre-Accelerator we’re extended into more than 53 countries evangelizing the next generation of climate and clean energy technologies to government and commercial stakeholders. Carbon offsets are something we needed to address and now the International Carbon Markets Institute will be working with elected officials, government stakeholders, and commercial sector organizations to introduce carbon offsetting as a way to both rapidly launch carbon reduction programs and engage in meaningful social impact strategies that reverberate globally.”

About the International Carbon Markets Institute: The International Carbon Markets Institute is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank formed out of the Embassy Row Project’s NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator and ENVIROTECH Pre-Accelerator. ICMI provides a conduit for collaboration between international environmental commodities platforms, carbon offset projects, and public-private sector stakeholders in the commercial and trade space. ICMI provides outreach programs, networking events, project support, and trade missions throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the United States.

ICMI’s initiatives support the development of carbon markets through intergovernmental, nongovernmental, commercial, trade association, academic, and legislative collaborations without partisan leanings or bias. Through the support of an international network of government stakeholders, the institute provides strategic and direct carbon reduction-focused educational outreach to a diversified base.

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About the Embassy Row Project:

Founded by international energy and infrastructure technology advisor James Scott, the Embassy Row Project strives to unify the next generation of leaders & initiatives that are hyper-focused on instigating positive change on issues that impact the environment, human rights, technological innovation, and international trade collaborations that proliferate diversity, and food security, and dignified employment with a livable wage.

Visit the International Carbon Markets Institute website.

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