ERP Pre-Accelerator

The ERP Pre-Accelerator Provides a Multifaceted Series of XFactors for Institutes, Think Tanks, Research Labs, NGOs, and Tech Startups Seeking International Expansion, Tribe Expansion, Stakeholder Connectivity, and Niche-Focused Strategic Alliances.

We provide several dynamic solutions that prepare NGOs, institutes, think tanks, and tech startups to become international catalysts:

  • Virtual Curriculum, Mentorship, Collaborations, and Networking

  • Go-to-Market Programs with Rapid Internationalization through International Government and Commercial Stakeholder Connectivity.

  • Startup Ecosystem & Innovation Hub

  • Investor Outreach and Pitch Sessions

  • Thought Leadership:

    • Media Outreach and Education

    • Public Speaking and Expert Panel Opportunities (Live & Virtual)

    • Research Socialization Among Congressional and Embassy Stakeholders

  • Strategic Alliance & Partnership Introductions

  • Commercial Project Connectivity and Finance

  • International Business Development and Networking

  • and much more!


Keywords: Embassy Row Project pre accelerator, NGOs and startups, technology, tech, think tank, institute