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Tectonic Labz

Tectonic Labz offers grants, scholarships, and support architecture to startup and established think tanks, institutes, niche-focused associations, and NGOs. Our plug-and-play strategies accelerate organizational expansion and internationalization while simultaneously elevating the level of connectivity to IGO, NGO, and nation-state stakeholders.


We utilize a multivector incubator approach that unifies ideologically aligned networks and provides a powerful platform for thought leaders to engage. We analyze each organization for gaps and vulnerabilities that inhibit growth and limit operational potential. We then bridge those gaps with tested and proven models that streamline expansion, apply enunciated potency to message delivery and proliferate strategic connectivity. In the end, we deliver a fully optimized and next-generation vehicle ready to globalize.

Offering Think Tanks & NGOs Expedited & Turnkey Access to:

Are You Ready?

Contact with us to apply for an Embassy Row Project Grant or Scholarship.

Fellows Program Strategies

We help NGOs launch a research and roundtable program designed to advise Congress, and the federal agency space.