Critical Infrastructure Technology

Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology opens doors and promotes initiatives that focus on veterans who excel in the fields of leadership consulting and advisory and technology and cybersecurity. This forum offers a platform for veteran own organizations to gain access to international stakeholder networks and business development opportunities, infrastructure projects, venture capital, strategic partnerships, stakeholder advisory roles, and more.


Our Mission

VCIT offers a plethora of support strategies for synergistically aligned veteran-owned organizations and initiatives. Our mission is to utilize our vast international stakeholder network to open doors and create unique commercial and leadership opportunities for American veterans.   This initiative helps represent and serve those who served us all in the following ways:

  • Global Expansion and International Business Development

  • M&A, IPO, Partnership & Joint Venture Opportunities

  • International Government Relations

  • Intergovernmental Summit and trade bloc access

  • Congressional roundtable advisory 

  • International Trade Missions

  • National Press Club briefing participation and media promotion

  • Whitepaper publishing and promotion

  • International infrastructure projects and finance access and more!

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Holistic Approach

While VCIT’s focus is embedding veteran-centric expertise and value into the critical infrastructure technology conversation and international marketplace, we are also taking on the issues that impact the veteran community such as mental health, legislation, social issues, and more. Contact us for more information about collaborations, scholarships and grants contact the Embassy Row Project.