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Virtual Programs for International Network Expansion

Satellite Working Groups

  • International & Intergovernmental Working Groups

  • Industry Niche-Focused Working Groups

  • Current Event-Based Working Groups

  • Strategic Partnership Outreach Groups

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Monthly Diplomatic & Trade Missions

  • Collaborate With New Countries Each Month

  • U.S.-Based State, and Regional Missions

  • Sustainability & Carbon Reduction Leadership Missions

  • Public & Private Sector Stakeholder Collaborations

  • Regional Regulatory and Legislation Working Groups

  • Closed & Livestream Presentations


More Virtual Networking Opportunities

  • Guest Speakers

  • Micro-Niche Diplomatic & Trade Missions

  • Free Courses & Training

  • Activity Livestreams

  • Member Spotlight

  • Startup & NGO Showcase

  • Industry Status Briefings

  • Guest Presentations

  • One-On-One Meetings

  • Virtual Conferences

  • Pre & Post Event Collaborations & Networking

  • International Summits

  • Expedition Hall

  • Breakout Sessions

  • and more!


Speed Networking

  • We invite subject matter niche stakeholders from targeted industries, nations, and U.S. regions to exchange contacts, network, and collaborate, with working group members.

  • Working Groups can request specific regions, commercial sectors, and topics.

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